Most organizations today recognize the need to better leverage their information in order to make better decisions. In addition, focus must be placed on making it easier for people to find and use this trusted information. We help our clients leverage information found in all corners of the enterprise and liberates this information to enable better, faster, and more accurate decisions.

Master Data Management (MDM) is one of the single biggest pain points in the information management industry today. Many organizations are looking to MDM to integrate core customer, product, location, and asset information across their operational systems for better customer services, lower customer churn, and increased sales penetration and thus revenue. MDM is a critical problem to solve that requires specialized tools and knowledge in order to be successful in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Customer MDM
Would you like to get a better understanding of your customers?
Would you like to be able to integrate social media data into your current customer data to better determine what drives your customer’s buying decisions?
360 degree view of the customer – it’s not hype. It’s something that the best businesses have been doing for a long time. And what that involves is just getting to know your customer better.
To understand customer behavior in the past and present – all of the information now exists and is externally available on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But what you really want to know is what’s in their heart.
What if you could combine all  types of data in the analytics you develop?
The big challenge you face in getting to the heart of a customer is that the customer puzzle is made up of these many different pieces, stored in many different applications and data sources – inside and outside your enterprise:
  • Basic contact information
  • Business context
  • Financial and legal info
  • Professional life
  • Leisure interests and activities
  • Social media
  • And more….
If you want to do analytics, you need information from these multiple data sets. And every interaction with a customer requires someone in your organization to access more than one repository or application to assemble information. The simple act of looking in multiple places for information detracts from their ability to connect with customers, understand their needs, solve their problems, sell more products and services, etc.
So you can see, many pieces go into a full understanding of the customer. How do we handle this in a way that results in a positive experience for both you and your customer?
Organizations of all types are finding new ways to engage with existing and potential customers through this deeper understanding. While the early adopters were traditionally retail, we are now seeing the same solutions and success in telecommunications, healthcare, government, banking and finance, and consumer products, as well in business-to-business interactions among partners and suppliers.
Traditionally, marketers relied on tactics that took time. A-B testing, market research, focus groups – these were  things that could take weeks to uncover the trends and successes and challenges that lay within your campaigns. With the right mix of tools and technology, data-driven marketers can finally understand their audiences in real time and big data platforms like IBM PureData Systems for analytics are a chief platform for doing just that.
Find out how we can help your enterprise get a competitive advantage with a 360 degree view of your customers.
Product MDM
Do you have products in several different repositories?
Would you like to be able to bundle products, but find it extremely difficult to do because they reside in different systems or in different formats?
Are you having problems maintaining the different variations of your product offerings?
Many financial institutions have a wide range of products in several different systems, making it challenging to maintain existing products and bring new products to market. Bundling products to entice new customers and keep existing customers happy is difficult due to disparate data sources. Maintaining and managing multiple systems can be expensive and difficult.
Stream Integration has a solution that will make getting products to market easier and faster, bundling products more accessible, system management and maintenance less expensive, and product data consistent across all systems.
Find out how Stream Integration can help you get a 360 degree view of your products.